Our Businesses, Our Community

We Need You: With any organization, you are only as good as the members that are involved and the community that supports it. While we tirelessly work to support the small, medium and large businesses that make Garden City and the surrounding area great, we challenge each of our members to also strive to make our organization and the community better. We also challenge our community to show the same love and support that we all have for our town, for the businesses that work to make sure that Garden City is a place that businesses and people want to call "Home" for years to come.

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Our Mission

The Garden City Business Alliance is a resource for the citizens, business owners, and community of Garden City, Michigan. We want this website to be the first step that the people of Garden City take when looking for something to buy, some place to eat or even an event that is happening in the area.

Our Mission is now, and always will be, To Promote Exposure for Local Businesses and the Community

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